By dadof3

Work in progress

This is my Submission for the March Challenge - Relax, what do you do to relax?
I do all kinds to relax, read, watch, play anything sci-fi orientated (surprise, surprise) but another thing i like to do is have little projects with the boys, one of which we started recently is to grow our own sunflowers. We have done pumpkins in the past and almost go there until jumper got to it and ate it!!!
Any way, today been full of little jobs around the house, one of which is start getting the spare room ready for the baby. Claire is getting test pots of pink paint to see which one works. Seth has a birtyhday party to go to in the afternoon which we nearly forgot about opps but it's all good and in hand.... now lol Anyway later it is Doctor Who time YAY but it wont be the same with out Amy Pond but hey another sci-fi favorite is back on :)

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