crispy walking

We took ourselves off into the frosty fields, with one very happy dog off his lead. The snowy frost looks pink, it picked up the colour of my jacket. I have dampened it down a bit, I loved the sun streaming in from the top of the frame! He wasn't 100% thrilled to be left downstairs to sleep as we went off to bed - and even less thrilled when we were up in the night and he didn't get to come up with us then either. Meanies. He will be fine tonight, he get used to it. I will also be fine after a disturbed night, too much to think about and too much Rusty. 

Thinking about what? The book I'm reading, The Body Keeps The Score, which is about childhood trauma - diagnosing it, treating it, preventing it being missed etc. I have to say that it is giving me pause for much thought. I can see clear signs in my Mum's family, amongst friends and doubtless in students I have taught. It isn't an eye opener in so far as I have been aware of body therapies for many years, but the extent of the neglect, abuse, damage of children is hard to take in. 

On a lighter note, my ex-colleague and friend Anders came round with his chain saw and took down some of the pesky trees that have been annoying me. Tomorrow's job will be attending to the bits and pieces - and probably getting our saw going to take down some smaller stuff. Good work on a bright frosty day, not too wet, not too sweaty! We had fika and conversation as the two men cooled off and relaxed. Felling trees is hard work. I was preparing for my class and winterizing the workroom. It's well below freezing till Wednesday. The temperature in the campervan is minus 5°C and the humidity is 82%. Keith has a bluetooth app to tell him this sort of thing in the comfort of his own kitchen!

I have two windows misting up, so tomorrow I will have a look at that problem.... or perhaps wait till it is a little warmer... I am hoping to get this completely sorted before the winter proper rolls in. They are of course two of the newly puttied windows. I'm such a pro!! (perhaps not.... maybe I can learn this?) I did some more work on the translations this morning, I think it is almost done now after a bit of back and forth. 

His Dogship will have a quilt to lie on this evening as well as his regular little blanket, I forgot to get it out of the wood shed yesterday. It's warming up at the moment. I'm off to town to do the last 3 hours of bookbinding this year - it seems to have raced by and I am not, really not, ready! I might just ask Sven-Erik if I can come in and use the press one day when I'm ready to glue. It works so much better if you can squeeze things really hard for a few seconds! I'm going to raise the question of using gold leaf as well, I would love to try! My plan is to cut some boards on the big (finger squashing) machine and assemble them at home. (the little finger is still sore, I can bend it and all, but it is still swollen after a week - must be more careful!)

Right, I'm off, Rusty and Keith can run riot if they like!

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