Above And Beyond...

By BobsBlips

St Mary Church

Year 2 Day 230 of UK COVID-19 Pandemic.  First UK/World Vaccine 334 days ago.  UK open. Overseas travel with restrictions.

Last week we drove by this church on a hill at Kenderchurch, Pontrilas, Herefordshire and having a couple of hours spare I returned to take an aerial photograph. It's called St Mary and dates from 12th century although it was largely rebuilt in 1871. It appears it was originally a pre-christian site (up to 10th century). Sadly it closed in 2013 but still has internments in its grounds.

This evening we travelled to collect granddaughter Amelia from pre-school and as the clocks have gone back an hour in was all dark. How I wish they'd leave 'time' alone!

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