By Mrsmacdub

Project Vitality

Today is Day 1 of Level 3 Step 2, which gives Aucklanders a few more cautious freedoms.

After lunch today I drove over to the Massey University Auckland campus at Albany.  I have agreed to participate in Project Vitality, the purpose of which is to assess if a regular milk naturally high in protein, or a high protein drink, can improve general health, physical performance (such as walking speed) and muscle strength (handgrip). The drinks contain high levels of protein and the aim is to determine whether increasing dietary protein with the accompanying vitamins and minerals may improve muscle strength and physical function. The trial will be completed by 120 women (two groups of 60 each).

My height was measured, then I was weighed on a machine which also determined my body composition.  I was given a printout of the results and was rather pleased to see that my metabolic age is somewhat lower than my biological age. My handgrip was tested, I had to do as many sit to stands as I could in 30 seconds and then walk as fast as I could up and down a measured distance four times.  Blood samples were also taken.  All very interesting.

I was given a 14-day supply of the drink allocated to me (frozen), instructions on how to complete an extremely accurate food diary for three days, and an activity monitor that I am to wear for seven days after which I post it back for analysis. I will keep my food record on this coming Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, then start drinking a 200ml bottle of the milk each day for ten weeks. It’s something interesting to focus on other than work, walking and Covid.

The blip shows the cover of the Three Day Food Record, the results of my body composition analysis and the activity monitor.

There are 147 new cases in the community today - 131 in Auckland, 14 in the Waikato and 2 in Northland.

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