By Ridgeback13


Another day in an odd mood, but I’m starting to work out why and some strategies to manage it. Had an early cancellation so went to the coffee shop and sat doing some reading over a large coffee and one of their rather good apricot danishes. That got the day off to a better start, and the sunshine and blue skies helped too.
Our weekly meeting went fairly well, they’re always so much better in person, then I headed into the office via EFI to track progress on the back of the building. This has been such a long job but it’s going to look fantastic. The building had been virtually past rescue but it’s been very lovingly and painstakingly restored (look at that stonework and window restoration compared to 2019!) and updated to give it many more years of life. It will be so wonderful when it opens (eventually!)
Busy afternoon and a rushed catch up with J, then a last meeting with FM before he leaves after nearly 10 years here.
Home and A&N had gone to the cinema. Ad and I had supper and watched several episodes of Shetland on catch up before he went out and I went to bed.
Need to work out what to do with coming weekends and over Christmas holidays…

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