One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

You'll Never Beat the Oirish

not at keeping a pitch green, and moist, and enticing anyway. Nope you'll never beat the Irish when it comes to the greenness of the green green grass of home. 

On my way to Lansdowne Road, I was prepared for a sarcastic write-up about enthusiastic chants of the Fields of Athenroy and You'll Never Beat the Oirish that died suddenly when Ronaldo scored his first goal at the 7th minute. But this was not to be! Oh me of little faith. The boys in green did us proud. Seldom does a draw feel like a victory but that was the general feeling for the 50,000 Irish fans who left the stadium to pour their energy into building the mother of all traffic jams, with thousands of mums in SUVs (and one in a Dacia Logan) collecting their happy husbands and kids. 

Finn was thrilled from start to finish. It was great to see so many very very happy kids in the stands. Thanks a million Wuggybear for the generous donation of a pair of tickets to a good cause. We were in a great spot, just above the goals, with nets that never rattled on this victorious night. 

You'll Never Beat the Oirish. 

But you may get a draw from them. 

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