A day in the life

By Shelling


We had reasonably mild weather today, the sun was shining all morning but I was busy organising private, professional and pensioner life at my computer all morning. After a good lunch I decided on a walk, by then the sun was gone but I decided on the long seven km walk to get some exercise down my legs, think through my position in life and to listen to some entertaining pods.

There's just a lot going on. I didn't realise until passing todays blip, when I suddenly summoned a "normal" week, like this one. 
- I've got two jobs at the theatre, part audience-host, partly sound technician responsible for the artists comfort on stage. 
- Two students to help along, 
- Music editing for my old friend S in Härnösand, where I used to live, who is completing his, probably, last project, recording himself playing his own music. His aim is to give his friends and relations a cd for Christmas as a gift. My job is to make it sound as good as possible and to help him make a cd cover. 
- My own "career" as a musician is also being tested. At the moment I'm rehearsing three different concerts in three different venues with two different people and one solo concert, in front of three completely different audiences, and making posters for them.
- I'm moving into a new home in less than two months,
- I wonder why I sleep really badly and suffer from pain in my back, shoulders and neck.

But, it's all fun and important!

Also, it's nice to keep reasonably fit and take long invigorating walks, like the one today. Maybe this signpost is trying to tell me something?

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