Nitro in the fall

Today's a Blipfoto milestone for me! I've made 2,920 posts, which is eight straight years. Since leap years throw it off, my actual anniversary is in three days, but who cares?

Jill and I went to Six Flags Great Adventure today because it was the start of Holiday in the Park, the Christmas event. It was cold, wet and windy at first, but things calmed down until it was just cold. Only one roller coaster was open at first, but then more opened as the sky cleared.

I rode my 314th roller coaster, Lil' Devil Coaster, a kiddy coaster. It was all right. We also rode Skull Mountain and Nitro and were on two (I rode one with a friend, and Jill got the back seat of another train) trains of only three that ran on Jersey Devil Coaster all day. The ride had been closed all day but was testing late, so we went to it when the line opened. The park only had about half an hour left of operation, and it broke down in the last brakes with the train Jill was on, but we got to ride it!

That drive is long. It's four hours, and it's especially tiring on the way home. Someday I hope to spend the night there so we can do a proper full day at the park.

I like this photo because of the trees. It was very pretty there.

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