The Way I See Things



For most of the day it was dark and gloomy, and I didn't think there was much to be achieved by going out bug hunting. I was having a bit of a dark and gloomy day myself, owing to a sudden and unexpected joint flare, and next week is shaping up to being fairly hectic, so in the end I gave myself a pass on doing much of anything at all, and simply slobbed around.

These roses have been brightening the kitchen since I bought them on Friday, and I wanted to record their loveliness while they were at their best. I photographed them in the conservatory to take advantage of what natural light there was, but it was pretty flat and even, so I added a big soft box on the right hand side to give more contrast. R asserts that pretty much everything looks better side-lit, and I think he's probably right.

Things I would do differently if I was shooting this again:

1) raise the camera a couple of inches higher, so as to look down on the roses a little more; and

2) dust the table.

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