Ooh what a lovely pair vicar!

Remembrance Day service at the village war memorial this morning.  Sadly the sound system had issues and we couldn’t hear a thing where we were standing!  Nice joint service with the Congs in our church afterwards - friend H (the Congs minister) giving an excellent sermon. This was R our Rector leaving the church accompanied by marrows!  My grandson and granddaughter were taking part in the Remembrance Sunday service in Keighley - M has only recently joined the Air Cadets and loves it.  Grandson F has been a member for some years now and done his flight training. He has been a corporal for a while, and today was told that he had been promoted to sergeant. He dismissed the parade back at barracks - daughter videoed it and we fell about when we heard his deep voice shouting the orders as it didn’t sound like him at all!  Nice to see their photos in the local paper too. He has a long application process to go through for the RAF so they have told him to start sending things in from January rather than wait until he has taken his ‘A’ levels, as it can take 6 to 9 months to complete the process. He’s initially applying to be a weapons systems communications officer - I think that was the job title, but hopes to move to flying the huge refuelling tankers eventually. He never veers from what he wants to achieve, so I hope it is all straightforward!   

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