The second half of life..

By twigs

The stalking continues.........

Up early - very early - to watch the Black Caps in the T20 final but sadly, their great efforts were systematically bettered by Australia.  It wasn't a hugely exciting game to almost felt like the two teams knew one another too well, but it had it's moments.

The end of the game rolled in around 6.30am so it seemed like a good opportunity to whip down to Monaco for a little Kingfisher stalking.  As is often the case, the best shots were the ones I didn't get!  Thought this one of Mrs K was quite cute though.  Other early morning bird life included in extras........a starling aka 'wannabe Tui' who has enjoyed some flax nectar and a Caspian tern who dived and caught several fish as I watched him trawl the shallows.  In then to work for a few hours, home to some gardening, add a couple of other domestic chores and when I sat down after tea, no surprises that I collapsed into an exhausted sofa-sleep!  Normal habits will resume tomorrow.

In COVID news, there were 173 new community cases announced today and there are 90 people in hospital with 7 in ICU.   National vaccination figures stand at 90% first vaccine and 81% double vaxed.  Pushing this last 10 or so percent to reach 90% double vaxed feels like watching grass grow.........

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