By gallusboy


Today Mrs CBL and I were in Aberdeen doing some shopping (clothes, books etc) as opposed to going messages (food and drink).  Once again we had our coffees and treats in Café Recharge.  Alas no dods (large slices) of cake were on sale (the volunteer bakers must have the weekend off!) but we thoroughly enjoyed our Millionaires’ Shortbread and Peppermint Cream tray bakes going halvers (sharing).

I took some time away from the shops to visit The Green in the city centre to take some photos.  The main photo is taken there.  The Green is  an important architectural and historic area which is a reminder of Aberdeen’s medieval urban origins through to its nineteenth century expansion.  

The first extra is of The Carmelite Hotel which was once a monastery, founded  1273 and destroyed at the time of the Reformation 1549.  By 1647 only a single vault, known as the 'Friar's Kiln' remained (all dates approximate).  The site is now built up and no trace of the monastery remains. 

The second extra is of The Tunnels which are home to one of Aberdeen’s underground nightclubs.  In bygone times the tunnels have been used as an escape route for smugglers, to carry electricity cables, telephone lines, gas pipes and sewage! 

We had a grand day out! 

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