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By richardhaas

Jim Laughter

November on Wrightsville Beach is perfect.  The parking meters are gone.  The tourists are gone.  Only a few fishermen and surfers remain.

This is Jim Laughter, pronounced "Lauder".  He is 91 years old and lives near Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  His two nephews, who he and his deceased wife raised brought him to the beach because he said he wanted to fish "one last time".  He lives in a assisted living facility and doesn't get out much anymore.  He was really enjoying himself and as of this photo, he had caught one fish.

Jim is a Navy vet who was a survivor of the crash between the U.S.S. Hobson and the U.S.S. Wasp, and aircraft carrier that split the Hobson in half, with over 80 sailors losing their lives.  THIS is the official report of the incident.  

The EXTRA is a group shot with Jim and his two nephews, as well as a grand nephew.  Thanks to his nephew, Mike Mathews for the info.

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