By OldTimer

Arum lilies

Well it’s getting on for 11pm and my Blip hasn’t worked out so here is a vase of arum lilies that I brought in this morning.looking scruffy as the ashes aren’t even cleaned out of the fireplace
I went out the back of the garden this morning and with all the rain we had the arums were all lying flat across the lawn. I don’t normally bring them inside as they are so ungainly but I felt sad for them so had to do a rescue mission on some of them.
At this late hour have just finished bottling tomato relish. I cut it up this morning and it soaked all day so thought I might as well boil it up tonight. I give my son a box full every Christmas it’s his idea of a great gift. Now my daughter in law is asking for another one I make that she likes.
I did a bit of gardening today and my man came and mowed the lawns so looking quite spruce out there
Sure is time for bed

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