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I spent some of the morning talking with a tree surgeon who will be giving us a free quotation for some extensive tree work. The main problem, and expense, with be the large out-of-control Leylandii. We are no longer able to do this work ourselves, so we will have to pay to have them dealt with.

Today's main picture shows the Leylandii, to the north of the property by the front wall and qualifies for being in my “one street”. The extras show another side of these same trees as well as two others, which are on the boundary of the orchard. There are also three pictures of our fruit trees, most need some pruning. I was quite impressed with his knowledge and he pointed out which ones did not need any pruning. We have one small cherry tree, which looks dead to me, but he inspected it and will make a decision as to whether it needs felling, or leaving alone, when they come to do the work. These are mainly or my benefit and show the trees with some of their leaves; I will take extensive pictures just before the work is carried out, which is likely to be January. I have another tree surgeon coming to give me a quotation so we will see how they compare. Sometimes, the cheapest is not the best, it depends on the quality and knowledge of the tree surgeon.

The temperature at GMT today in my home village was nine degrees Celsius; dull and overcast all day.

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