By seizetheday


In to Berwick this morning for my Covid booster jab, and MrM's flu jab. Took longer than anticipated and afterwards, as it was approaching lunchtime, we treated ourselves to bacon sandwiches, cake, and coffee at the Corner Café. My slice of raspberry sponge was so large that MrM had to help me out!

As usual, it was a multi-purpose trip. MrM dropped off a recently repaired guitar with guy whose house is guarded by these rather fine members of The King's Own Scottish Borderers, and they just had to be today's Blip. Glad to see they're wearing masks! Then put some fuel in the van (diesel is still less - just - than £1.50/l in Berwick), before buying a couple of items from the DIY store. I may have bought a plant as well...

Home to continue moving stuff from our bedroom into the spare room. It's taking an age, but hopefully we'll be sleeping in the spare room tomorrow night.

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