The second half of life..

By twigs

Crystal clear

B-eaut-i-ful day here in the glorious Golden Bay.  Slow breakfast, a little bird spotting and shooting though really not very much about as the tui's delicacy is all but over for the year and the shore birds were miles away as the tide was out (and the tide goes out a l-o-n-g way in these parts).  Nothing for it then but to enjoy some random abstract photography in the local stream.  The water was super clear (no recent rain to stir it all up) and the range of colourful stones were amazing.  A thoroughly enjoyable hour was spent totally immersed in the stream - thankfully, not literally ;)  Fantastic day.  

Even as I was photographing the water and the patterns I was thinking how wonderfully abstract the images were.  How fortunate that today is abstract Thursday :D  Big thanks to Ingeborg for hosting.

IN COVID news today, there have been 167 new community cases.  85 people are in hospital and 6 in ICU.  Sadly, 2 more deaths have been reported.  Yesterday there was a South Island case reported in Christchurch.  Today, another was added.  Nationally, 91% of the eligible population have had at least one jab and 82% are double vaxed.  

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