Still Rockin'

By RockArea

Just the Six of Us

I was planning on doing an Easter Eggscape this morning but I'm sad to say that some gun happy farmer with a lamp shot the easter Bunny as he crossed nearby fields with the eggs last night!

I missed the best of today's weather and it's turned to cr*p now so inspired by JohnGravett's blip of a couple of days ago, I decided to replicate it to see what such a thing would look like in my house. I have to say it took me a little longer than John's half hour. I started off by changing shoes and jumpers but then forgot the shoes when I had to do a couple of retakes!

You'll notice that there's no interaction between any of these people except for the guy with the coffee looking at the gutarist and saying, "Clapton would play that in Dorian mode with his thumb hooked over." Everyone's a critic!

Happy Easter to you!


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