Living in Brabant

By AilsaR

Watch the birdie

I went to Antwerp today, met up with my friend, had a natter, walked around, got cold, went inside to warm up, walked around again, then went inside again.
We both agreed that the constant biting wind and general chill is getting rather tiresome by now.

We visited the market (samples galore!), had chips (when in Antwerp...) walked along the quay, through the castle and down the various lanes and streets and antique shops. It was her first time in Antwerp, and yes, I did keep pointing out that 'in the summer it's just so different....'

At the end of the day we had a very good meal at a pasta restaurant before we both took our respective trains home.

I had to change trains at the border town of Roosendaal. When I got there I popped into the kiosk for a cup of tea, a man in front of me (an employee of the Dutch Railways), asked what I was having, and he treated me to my cuppa. I was rather touched and warmed by his gesture.
The comfort and kindness of strangers can sometimes come from the most unexpected of places.

Here are some more photos.

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