By JohnW

‘C’ is for Cycle

At least I’ve got one in the bag for the next photo group meeting - subject ‘C is for . . .’
Actually it’s only the second time I’ve had the velocipede out since the start of the pandemic, the first being on Wednesday after I had been to the doctors - I must be feeling better (it’s surprising what a little extra thyroxine will do!).
This is virtually looking in the opposite direction to yesterday’s sunset at extras.  I took a trundle across the A15 (that was a bit hairy . . .) and up through Kirkby Underwood and back again.  The shot was taken using the ‘S’ function on the new camera.  I had taken this to be Pano function as it stitches the shots together in the camera, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to save the finished version, so I had to stitch them together in PS (well about a third of the frames taken, all that was needed).
This morning’s Beaver moon didn’t happen.  To many clouds to start with, and I don’t think we would have got a proper view even if it was clear as the moon set by half past seven when the sun came up.  The main event was scheduled for about half past nine, well out of sight from us.

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