By BGCoffee

Dark Side of the Moon

A fairly normal day without too many fires to fight and the opportunity to get some reading done - we are both making our way through The Weight of Ink with our friends that we Zoom with every week.  Really enjoying the style of writing and the way the characters' backstories are constructed.  Also had time to knock out 2 more chapters of Tess for the podcast.

We had our Zoom call with Richard and Berna when we discuss the book and all manner of other issues, then one episode of The Morning Show before spending some time before retiring studying methods for photographing the moon.  Managed to wake up at 3 am to actually observe this amazing phenomenon, especially the colors.  The result is above and though I am sure a professional could have captured it better, this is an unedited photo apart from cropping and adjusting of the light level.

Added extra of even closer look at the lunar eclipse

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