Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid


It was so good to know there was nothing on this morning, so I enjoyed just chilling and thinking about the next video. G got inspired and made Cornish pasties for lunch. They weren't quite like pasties I've eaten in the past, but a good first try. :))

The biggest thing today has been driving G to get her booster jab (see extra). She's been wanting to get it done for weeks. Then on  Wednesday, she had a message to say "come", so she booked her appointment and is pleased she can scratch this off her to-do list.

As we were out on a Friday night, we drove on to dine at a restaurant G has been wanting to check out for ages. It's not far from her school. With the noticeably cooler weather, it was extremely pleasant to sit outside and watch lots of high-end cars and motorbikes pull up to the junction, not to mention the ones that came to eat with us. The food was delicious and the service good. G is already thinking of her next visit.

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