Earlier this week I ordered some things to upgrade a PC I've been given. Foolishly I ordered them from Amazon and told them to deliver them to where I am at the moment and not where I officially reside thinking that's what Amazon would do. Actually Amazon have shipped them to our house, which is where I'm not and though there are builders there most of the time, they aren't there at 8AM when La Poste usually try to deliver. Suffice to say, there was a failed delivery this morning, but allegedly it was to be retried at lunch time.

This lunch time I walked over to the house with the dog and waited outside in the sun, and they didn't turn up, and my wife who went back later on said nothing had been left with the builders all day.

Today's blip is our new loft windows winking at me. Saint-Malo has a list of official colours and our house being pseudo-listed is supposed to only use things from the palette. I would have preferred blue, but we've ended up with red. Our font door is already the same colour, and the other windows on the first floor will have frames in the same colour.

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