Do not park here

I had booked an appointment for a booster vaccine yesterday but, having joined the queue in plenty of time, was turned away at the door as it was 1 day short of 6 months since my last appointment.

I'd not taken any notice when selecting a slot but the computer said no to me and many, many more people.

We were all told to come back as early as possible the following day which meant that the queue this morning was even longer.

From a location perspective the vaccination centre is relatively convenient, based in the main reception area of my place of work. Today I was working from home though.

From a queuing perspective the unusually mild weather was a bonus but from an environmental perspective it is likely that this is yet another sign of the planet heating up.

I had a change of vaccine this time, Pfizer. I'm hoping that any side effects are mild as I'm due to be run directing at parkrun tomorrow.

The rest of the day was the usual mix of frustration over the quality of some of the work passing across my desk.

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