Blood Moon ...

... appropriately*.  Also known as the Beaver Moon. 

We were up with the sun ... or dare I say moon ... this morning as Richard is having surgery this morning at the hospital.  Crazy as it sounds we set our alarm for crazy o'clock this morning (3:30am) in order to get out and get some lunar eclipse pictures.  Not only was it an eclipse but it was also a Blood Moon ... since this type of moon won't happen for 500 years we made the effort. The maximum eclipse happened at 4:03 am and we were there to see it.  It was cold but worth it.

After we both got some pictures we headed back to bed as R's procedure wasn't until late morning.  He slept until around 6:00 am and I got up around 7:30 am.  We left for the hospital by 9:45 am.

I was able to accompany him (as his driver!) to the hospital and allowed to go up but then I had to wait in the waiting room while he was being prepped for surgery ... which is to repair a deviated septum.  They called me in right before he went into the OR so I saw him briefly before the surgery.  Then I was on my own for a while ... waiting until it was finished and he was back in a room.  I got a lot of reading done in the meantime!

He was allowed to recover for a short bit ... but we were home by 2:30 pm.  Then it was rest, rest, rest for the remainder of the day. Getting him to really rest in the coming days is going to be the hard part as he isn't a sit down and do nothing type of person!  Always has to be busy! 

I made a French toast casserole for supper ... which was yummy and soft enough for Richard to eat. 

As you can imagine I didn't take many pictures today but I did manage to snap a squirrel sitting in the birch tree out front before we left for the hospital ... I've added to the Extra photos. 

* Now you know why the Blood moon was appropriate for today!

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