By Chris_P

‘Two Family Birthdays’

My granddaughter and her uncle both have birthdays within 12 days of each other - last weekend and at the end of the coming week. So we had a little joint celebration in Glasgow at lunchtime today.

My granddaughter has shown an interest -  and considerable talent - in photography and her mother has promised to present her with her old iPhone on her birthday. 

So one of my presents to her was an excellent new book on photography with an iPhone that’s just been published and that I recently discovered.  I have been looking at it on my Kindle and can thoroughly recommend it!

By Scott Kelby, it’s entitled 
The iPhone Photography Book: How to Get Professional-looking Images Using the Camera You Always Have With You

The book is full of hints and tricks on using the iPhone to its full potential, as well as outlining more general principles of photography and I spent a bit of time this afternoon showing Amelie one or two of these that she hadn’t already picked up for herself!

Today’s blip is a photo of them both taken to show them one of the effects available in the iPhone portrait mode that the book discusses!

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