A day in the life

By Shelling

Portrait in a bush

Rehearsing, timing the program, eating, sums up the early part of the day up till lunch time. After some shopping I went to make some more measuring in the new house, the owners are working on the renovation and has come a long way. Maybe I will be able to move in January after all. On their veranda I found  dining table that they were going to throw away but they let me have it if I want it. It's got some paint staines but after some work on it I think I can make it much better than the one I already have.

In the evening I was invited for dinner at K&L down the road, together with O&G, my neighbours. We had a lovely evening eating chili con carne. a dish I haven't had in a very long time, but they made it taste completely new. We all like to talk and tell stories so the evening was quite long, the clock has just turned zero and it's time for bed. No photo was taken today, apart from this emergency blip ordered by me as a portrait with me in the light-decorated bush in the rain.

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