Reko's Point

Reko was a Maori Chieftain who guided the areas first European visitor Nathaniel Chalmers in 1853. Nothing exciting happened today except a Jet boat went upstream hugging the bank as they do to give the riders a "thrill" by "just missing"  bits of willows on the bank. (Extra). We were out staggering with the Wanaka Walkers "B" team and 16,600 Staggers (10.2 km )  later we staggered into a great local Cafe at Albert town where the first station (farming not train) was set up as the Clutha was crossable at that point. It must have been exciting times as youths now jump off the bridge at this point (which they are NOT supposed to) as it is considered dangerous. A thunderstorm is predicted for later but I do have Stuffed Doggy Doubts about that.

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