While on my runs

By waipushrink

Enjoying the Pohutukawa flowers

Back to work today; remotely, using Zoom. Lots of meetings and multiple emails to deal with after two weeks away. The Service Clinical Director has contacted Occupational Health asking when they might clear me to return to working in the unit. In the meantime, I'm working remotely.

Late afternoon, I went for a run down to Southend and walked out onto the mudflats. Lots of white-faced herons, and I did really like the photo I got of one of them (It is my while running (liberally interpreted) photo). Not long after that, the camera told me that there was no room on the SD card. Deleted one and went to take classic cormorant photo only with two Kawau Paka. But the camera then told me that the battery was depleted.

Having decided to give up, I headed back up the stairs. Hadn't been back long when I became aware of a shrill whistle, which I couldn't identify, nor even locate. Then abruptly I saw it. A Kaka; probably the one that visited a couple of days ago. A quick change of SD card and battery (I have a spare, thankfully), and I took a half dozen photos, and am happy to accept S' judgement that today's blip was the best.

I am delighted to have such a relaxed and different visitor. It was quite unfussed by us standing below it and making comments.

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