Hair cut

Took the day off again to do some things at my mother-in-law's. I didn't actually do much but I did walk the dog. This morning I took him for a slightly longer morning walk before breakfast, which is where we found these trees that had been all trimmed by a set of very fancy machines. No crude flails used here. They are the same trees as Square going yellow, but a few days later.

After lunch I took him for a long walk to the Hippodrome, and he is in the
extra channelling his inner Gromit. After the walk I didn't do as much as I planned, and in the end we went to DIY shop to get some things and I've only ended up rewiring a bedside light for my mother-in-law. I still have things to do, but they will have to wait.

It's now for another dog walk and then bed...!

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