By dfb24

This is all I've got...

...as I spent much of the day at the hospital. Tom waited until I got there to order his food so we could eat breakfast together. They serve guest trays for visitors, so we both had bacon and pancakes. The blood cultures were all negative so they're still not sure what caused the fever.....could just be from the leukemia. He MAY come home tomorrow depending on how things look in the morning, otherwise it will be Wednesday. I didn't feel like making anything for dinner so I stopped at Cousins on the way home and got a sub sandwich (& my blip). My step-daughter, son-in-law and the twins are on their way here. They drove as far as St. Louis today, so it'll be about another 6 hours to Milwaukee tomorrow. It'll be good to see them and I know Tom is looking forward to it too. ! :)

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