Sue Le Feuvre

By UrbanDonkey

My Mother- in - Laws Tongue is thriving…

I’m good with plants that thrive on neglect. 

I haven’t been anywhere today but fingers crossed my flare up seems to have eased off slightly. Fingers crossed is a bit ambitious actually. Since the Co-op  had no white wine in boxes I had to buy a bottle. That’s fine I can try something new. But as I went to pour a glass as I’m a Celebrity was about to start I couldn’t unscrew the top. Yes I have all sorts of gadgets to use to open things but all required more pressure from my fingers then I could give. After 10 minutes of tearing my hair out and swearing at the bottle I managed to break the seal and then it was easy.
Thankfully by this morning things had improved but still I struggled with the lateral flow test. It was a real struggle to get the solution into the test tube and even worse to squeeze three drops onto the actual test. But it gave the correct result which is all that matters…

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