By FranG

Finishing touches

I seem to be so busy at the moment ! Quiet moments to quilt or read my book are few and far between so two hours this afternoon with my quilt group was wonderful. We started back  three weeks ago and I’ve taken the decision not to take mum along at the moment. We all wear masks, it’s quite hard to hear folk and actually ….. I need the down time. When mum is there I’m constantly watching out for her and making sure she’s ok.
We have a Christmas coffee session in
December so I’ll take her then if she wants to go. Sadly at the moment she can’t remember who folk are and that is causing her a lot of angst. We’ll see how it goes.
I rarely enter challenges but thought this might work for ‘Tiny Tuesday’. I find this focused type of hand sewing very relaxing :)
I’ll back blip the last three days later.

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