I am camera

By Martinski

The Caledonian Canal around noon today.

When we had a burst of sunshine after the rain this morning, I ventured down the canal all 350 yards away, to see if anything was going on. Firstly I got the picture you see, looking back to the boatyard. Then as I was approaching some branches which have been severed from the parent tree, I noticed a black bird sitting there, which turned out to be a coot. They usually take flight when they see you but this one, which was preening itself, didn’t. (First extra.) Then I noticed a larger bird in the middle of the canal, also digging its beak into the itchy bits. It was a female goossander, a type of diving duck . (Other extras.) I didn’t seem to disturb her either. Unfortunately my auto-focussing long lens didn’t auto focus on the bird. (Note how he says it is the lens that is at fault.) So that’s it. Ten minutes on the Caledonian Canal around noon today. By the time I got back, the sun had retreated once again.

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