By misswinterfinch

Carrier Experiment

This the the cat carrier experiment Persey was stretching to look in yesterday's Blip. He would not fit in it, although he makes the weight. The product information says "for a 15 pound dog or cat." Dori is about 8 pounds and a year old and this is torture for her.
A kitten or puppy might be transported in this carrier.
Both sides of the carrier are transparent plastic. Seeing that much of the moving environment could make a cat nervous indeed.

Sorry about the window glare.
Day started at 9ºF or -12.3ºC and so the snow on the ground is not melting. Everybody is speculating on whether we are going to have a hard winter... whatever that it. Three or four feet of snow would be hard. A month of -20ºF below zero would also be hard.
Time will tell...

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