The Way I See Things



It's beginning to look....

Oh, do be quiet.

A busy day today: banged in my tax return, did some on line Christmas shopping, and then went to Stratford with R for walking, errands and cake. Then I swung round to Compton Verney, with a purchase in mind that it turned out I wasn't able to make, but I renewed our membership and had a pleasant walk around the grounds, which were looking picturesque in the late afternoon light.

On leaving Compton Verney I thought about detouring round to Chesterton Windmill, but decided that the sunset sky wasn't going to colour up well enough for good photos so carried on homewards. It turned out that I was wrong about the sky, but by the time I was sure I'd made a mistake I was too far away for it to be worthwhile trying to get back to the windmill. You can only shrug your shoulders at that point, and hope to do better decision-making on another day.

I did make one good decision during the afternoon, which was to stand and wait for a few minutes in Avonbank Gardens in Stratford, to see if the robin I'd spotted flitting into the depths of a holly tree would re-emerge. It wasn't very happy at being on the receiving end of my attention, and I wished I'd taken some ground food with me, to reward it for posing (memo to self for future trips). The golden glow behind the holly is reflected sunlight from the river Avon.

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