By Ingeborg

Starflower pincushion

The seed head of a starflower pincushion (Scabiosa stellata) flower head for Flower Friday with thanks to Anni/BikerBear for hosting each and every Friday :-) Easy to see why they are called starflowers :-)

Just watched the umpteenth press conference of the Dutch prime minister, we're heading into a stricter lockdown for at least three weeks to try to contain the number of Covid-19 infections, which has been rising steadily to over 23.000 per day :-(  Hospitals all over the country are having to cancel any operation that is not 'necessary' to keep IC staff for the Covid patients. It's a crying shame and you really have to feel for all medical staff who are so very tired and for the people waiting for operations!

Thanks very much for the kind comments and stars for yesterday's sieve close-up

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