Pretty Iris

I had a busy day with Physio, Hydrotherapy and then the Optometrist. It wasn't good news with the Optometrist. My vision hadn't changed much, so no new glasses. I am getting new reading glasses as I have had the pair I am using for a number of years. When Optometrist took a scan of my eyes she found a big dark patch in the back of my right eye. That is the eye I have a growth just below it that became infected about a week ago. It has been there many years and I have had it tested and all was OK. The Optometrist is rather worried about that and the dark patch and wants them to be seen to as soon as possible. Which means going to a  private Specialist. The Optometrist took a photo of the growth along with the scans to send to the Specialist. 

It has been a lovely warm day. The morning was sunny the temperature reached 29c in may places around the city. By the afternoon it clouded over a bit so cool a little. Much later in the afternoon the sun came out again and it warmed up.

I picked some Iris and Daises the other day and they look lovely on the table. This blip is a shot off some of them in the vase.

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