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I cannot remember a longer winter than this. I'm in South-West England, it's April and the clocks have changed to 'British Summer Time' but the temperatures are the same as they were in January, last night's shade temperature falling to -4 degrees Celsius here. Everything seems to be on hold.

Last Thursday week I went in to Chippenham in the hope of finding some pictures, but there was no sun and nothing going on at the river. I went in to the new Little Waitrose on Borough Parade to try out their take-away coffee machine. I put the paper cup under a metal tube that looked like a spout, but the machine began to dispense the liquid somewhere else, so I didn't get quite a full cup, possibly missing a vital ingredient. At the counter I couldn't find my MyWaitrose card which would have let me have it free of charge so had to pay £1.80, and when I got it back to the car it was lukewarm and rather lacking in flavour. I then remembered the card had yet to arrive in the post!

I managed to find a copy of The Wire (the newsagents in Calne tried to tell me it had gone digital only, then that they were waiting for it to come in, and finally that they'd stopped taking it in January) and bought a car magazine as I'm going to have to change my beloved 1997 red Micra, Manfred, at some point over the year as sadly the chassis is rusting away.

I expected to be gradually test-driving a variety of models over the next twelve months to make my choice but reading the magazine I was able to rule out most of the contenders for one reason or another. On the way home I called in at two local showrooms, realising the value and convenience of having somewhere local to look after your car, and had a look at the Fiat 500 and the Hyundai i10. Much as I love the look and style of the 500, I felt that it would be too small as an only car, with some of the longer journeys I expect to undertake, and so it was looking like the i10 for me.

If like me you would like IDS to have the opportunity to grow as a human being, something for which I'm sure he would be grateful, here is a very worthwhile petition.


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