By PeterMay


Daftie rests his elbow on the radiator, waiting patiently until we finish our breakfast, which is taking longer than usual these days as I take medicines prescribed for an inflammation of my windpipe.

I hadn’t been very well for about ten days - throat clearing, coughing, chest pain, fatigue and weakness. I was going to go to the doctor when Janice suggested that it might be Covid. I had not imagined that at all. So, of course, I couldn’t go to the surgery without having a Covid Test. So we both had one on Tuesday. Both negative. I went to the doc at 7am the next morning, and she made a thorough examination. Heart, lungs and blood pressure ok. She said my symptoms fitted with an epidemic of trachéites which is apparently doing the rounds at the moment. So I’ve been prescribed medication for it. Janice was reading up on the side-effects (of course), and discovered that one of my meds could induce “inappropriate happiness”, whatever that might be. She’s now watching me very carefully for signs of unexplained laughter!

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