Darken the City, Night is a Wire

Tis Friday. 

It was a long week, but as usual, also a quick week. 

I'm currently working on a spreadsheet that is about 60 worksheets long, and has over 100,000 formulas in it. ( I know this for sure, and I want to say +1,000,000) because the guy who set it up for me had some kind of  geek programme which counted the incidences of formula - and I swear it was over a million he said) . 

It's a very clever programme but also very brain-numbing.  But i'm quite proud that I'm getting there with it.  Also getting there with Moving pensions from contributory to salary sacrifice.  Saving both the company and the employees money. 

I was a bit annoyed this week, because it was the board meeting and three directors came up from Englandshire - two of them wore masks, one didn't; and laughed when I told him to,  he put it on after I shouted.   I put a formal complaint in this week, and I've instructed the board I will not be working from home due to the lack of consideration.

I've got my booster tomorrow (outwith the six month recommended timeline) I'm paranoid I'm going to miss it. I've a note stuck to the board, and I've set the alarm on my phone.   I'm deseperate to get this jag done. 

And being Friday and the end of a hard week......we decided to chill with some Brewdog Gin (Thank you Boy) and Fevertree... 


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