By Charente

A walk in the garden.....

Top Calendula and Choisya Ternata, bottom, cosmos  and Ginkgo Biloba leaves in their autumn dress, the background is Cotoneaster.
Not sure what happened to this morning it just vanished.  After a soup lunch, I realised we had finished off all the soup in the freezer so two pumpkins came in from the barn and hey presto Thai pumpkin soup in the large saucepan.  I then wrote a few Christmas cards, I do not send many anymore, and I must get the Christmas letter finished to go with them.   Mostly now I only wish everyone Happy Christmas via email, not quite as personal but postage has got so expensive.  This year I am also not sending calendars either as there seems to be a problem with the Brexit issue and customs!!!!  Such a pain,
Tonight, we are having the leftover vegetables from last night which I will just put in the oven.  More than enough for the two of us, we might not even eat them all tonight.
Thanks for the visit and the kind comments.  The pain still lingers in my chest but now I am convinced it is a rib.  No point in going to the Dr as then he will send me for X-rays,  there is nothing they do for ribs anyway other than pain killers as I know from past breaks.

Have a fabulous weekend, keep warm those in the Northern hemisphere, and if you live near Arwen at the present time, stay safe.

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