A spy in the bathroom

I nipped over to Sainsbury's (other stores are available) at Olney this morning to avail myself of their 25% off wine offer.  I'd already had six bottles of red delivered on Friday but wanted to use the points on my Nectar card.  Six bottles of white wine and a litre bottle of Napoleon Brandy for £1.  Not bad value.

This afternoon I've been helping to clear our Close of leaves.  The green bins still haven't been collected from last week so it was a good excuse to fill them, but would hardly make a dent in the amount lying around, until I had the bright idea of lugging the bins through our garden and out through the back gate to empty them under the trees.  

We shifted about a dozen full bins and then piled another lot of leaves in a corner of the mound to be dealt with at a later date.  

I've added an extra of the exploitation of child labour.

The leaves we've dumped over the back can be used as mulch around the fruit trees.  So there's another job to do over the winter.

This lacewing is hanging around in the bathroom.

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