The Northerner

By tangohead

Superbowl Sunday

I bloody love the Superbowl. I've been watching it for a good few years now (see last year, for example) so actually understand what's happening in the game as well as blindly supporting a team.

This year, it was San Francisco 49ers vs Baltimore Ravens and to celebrate, we had a bit of a viewing party at our house. It was effectively a PhotoSoc exec social, and a nice way to spend some time with the guys before our run comes to an end in a week or so. We had a few more key visitors - Tom, Frankie, Jackie, Naomi, Jess and of course the housemates for a properly mixed crowd.

Aimee put on some great food, beers were drunk, a bit of half-arsed American Football was played and in general, it was a brilliant night. I think everyone was a bit sad to see the 49ers just miss out but it was an excellent game.

This must happen again next year.

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