Lovely walk

I like to be in control. Today HtP chose the walk and I was encouraged to not look at my phone to see how we were doing. If you go large you can see HtP with the dogs.

On the way back we stopped a memorial to three spitfire pilots or died on a training mission just as the Second World War was ending. Very sad. While we looked at the memorial a car stopped and we could see a man looking through a bag wearing protective gloves. That seemed rather weird. As we walked on another car slowed and asked if we’d lost a bag as they had seen one lying in the road. So we suspected that the man had stolen the bag and then disposed of it. As we walked further on we saw a car with a smashed rear windscreen. Remember to not leave anything valuable and visible in your boot. I’m pleased to say that my car was ok but it had unsettled me. Poor person that had lost their bag and had their vehicle damaged.

While we had been out S and P were left in their own in the house. The succulents on the window ledge have taken a beating as they have excitably looked out of the window. Any usable leaves are now in the nursery pot to grow new plants.

I’m now desperately trying to learn words as we have a run through of a choir concert tomorrow.

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