A somewhat rushed 5 minutes sitting by the window.

Top - Great Tit and greenfinch, Blue tit.  Bottom - Robin and Chaffinch.

I decided because I am so un-comfy at present, and restless, I would move into the spare room for a couple of nights so that we both might get some sleep.  The problem there was when our friends came to stay from America just before COVID, they said they wanted single beds.  I, therefore, moved with great difficulty, the double bed upstairs into the small room, and put the two single folding beds downstairs.  I did not want to sleep in a narrow folding bed, so I decided that the beds must change places once again.  Major undertaking as the steps are very narrow, and they are shaped (because of the steepness) that you have to be aware of what step you are on. They are wide on one side and narrow on the other alternately.  Now done, but the beds are never moving again!!  At least this time Mr C was helping me, but I am now wondering how I ever managed it last time on my own! Sleeping upstairs is a problem as if you are half asleep and want to go for a pee in the middle of the night, you have to remember how the staircase works.  We use it only in an emergency if we have more than two people to stay.  I might add I successfully skinned my shin in the process of moving today so now I am wondering what the third thing is going to be!!  My ribcage stood up to it all remarkably well!!

Tonight I made a pizza with a bought base, mistake, next time I go back to making my own.  The topping was great but the base was very half-mast!  I have not made a pizza for many moons and I thought I would take the lazy way out, never mind I learn by mistakes.

I am off to bed now, I am really very tired, hopefully, all the effort today will pay off.

Have a great week and take care, no travel to South Africa again for a while, I am getting very homesick.  Thanks for all the kind comments and visits, always well appreciated.

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