Morning view

We were up early and waiting for our grandson to wake up. I spotted some nice light over the hills and grabbed my camera. Unfortunately the battery was flat and by the time I found my other one the light had changed but it has become today’s blip.

I had a busy morning as my son and l had to pack the car with all the remaining belongings of my daughter’s family. So after the obligatory play dough with Lucas my husband took him for a walk while we finished packing.

It was a sunny cold day when we set off after an early lunch to take Lucas to his new home but it soon became more cloudy and cold. Lucas was delighted to see his mum and dad and spent a happy time being reunited with toys he hadn’t seen for 3 months as they were in storage. The house is lovely and they should certainly enjoy their new home and surroundings. We had a few snow flurries in the evening as well.

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