The Northerner

By tangohead

Our Finale

Although it might not seem it to others, there was an hour or so today that was pretty massive. It was the last meeting of the current PhotoSoc exec, which makes me very sad indeed. More on that later. This photo shows Martin seemingly confused by a camera - he is used to Pentax, after all.

We suited up for it (well, half suited up, I found that my suit jacket was a good few inches too big for me now), which strangely made us more productive, and of course drunk beers/ciders provided by Axel whilst eating some great cookies made by Rachel. Lots of future plans were talked about and the meeting was effectively a review of the year. Without blowing our trumpet too much, we reckon we did well.

Next year will be good, too. A fair chunk of the current exec are re-running for positions so elections will be very interesting. Good luck to them all! Spoiler alert: they all got back on!

Now back to the personal review thing. I couldn't have asked for a better group of people to work with - everyone has pulled their weight, got along and most of all, has been so committed to making PhotoSoc into a great society. On top of that, and most importantly, we've become a really good group of friends. I'm sure that next year's exec will be just as good, so let's see what happens at elections. It's been a privilege and a pleasure.

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