Here and Now

By Mole

Old Man Winter


Thank you kindly for the stars and hearts on last night’s blip. I will thank you individually as soon as I can. We’ve been getting part of the house back in order. It’s slow going requiring a hot bath at night to soak the back.

In case you wondered….
The name Old Man Winter comes from ancient Greek Mythology and the triad of Demeter (mother), Persephone (daughter) and Hades (nogoodnick) Hades. That Hades character kidnapped Persephone but struck a compromise with heartbroken Demeter. So half a year of spring and summer and half a year of fall and winter. Does it snow in Greece? Yes it does, in the mountains. If this is a recap of info provided by freespiral, uh oh. Not sure why I think that.

That’s all.

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