There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

Hello, Little Spiky Tree-Things Covered in Snow!

We had our first measurable snowfall overnight Saturday into Sunday morning. Maybe two inches or so. It made everything look so pretty. When I went for my morning walk, I took my camera along.

It was just a stroll around the neighborhood, but there was plenty to see. The snow changes the look of things. It makes the textures of objects even more interesting.

As I was walking around Autumn Meadow Park, I discovered a sweetgum tree with spiky little seed pods. (I laughed later to see them described as "the sand spur of the forest" by one online source.) 

The seed pods were neatly organized on the branch, each one topped in a relatively equal amount of snow, and with a leaf attached to the grouping that almost looked like a gold ribbon to me. Nicely done, little spiky things!

As the song for hard little spiky tree-things, I've decided to pull something from Tom Petty's Hard Promises, which is a favorite of mine. Here are Tom Petty and Stevie Nicks with Insider.

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